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Most Modern automation installations are driven by Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs). Nowadays, the low level programming languages that have been used for decades such as Ladder Diagrams (LD) are still being used to develop new software. Besides, there are ‘hidden’ penalties: PLC software is brand dependent.

The solution to this problem has been the adoption of new paradigms that allow for a fast and reliable software development. One of the most productive of such paradigms, which has been adopted worldwide, is the Object Oriented (OO) paradigm. The aim of the project is to develop a software tool for developing PLC programs with the following features:

Based on the Object Oriented approach, but using an industrial model for the design of the components that constitute a PLC programs.

Therefore the PLC-PROG software sets a new framework easing PLC programming. This new tool provides an easy overall view of the PLC based automation process, providing  high level automation language easy to use and to understand, drastically reducing the time devoting to PLC programming and to build up subsequent ECBs.

As the project solves a general industrial need, the project has been conceived as a “Collective project”, where industrial associations will offer the product service to PLC developments and formation.